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About Scanvogn

Scanvogn is the Nordics' leading manufacturer of mobile solutions for the construction and events industry. Based in the Northern part of Denmark, close to the North Sea, they operate not only in Denmark but have expanded their reach to other European countries and beyond.

With nearly 30 years of experience and innovation Scanvogn has the expertise to turn our customers’ needs into functional solutions and produce them on a large scale. Their products are known for their high quality and comfort. They are constructed using lightweight non-organic materials offering a high degree of insulation, hygiene, and durability. They are utilized in numerous parts of the world ranging from the hottest to the coldest climates.

Products and Services

Scanvogn manufactures a wide range of mobile lightweight solutions. These lightweight solutions are based on trailers that can be easily transported from one location to another. The company's products are used in various sectors in the construction, and event industry.

Sanitrax Washbasin Module

Scanvogn products include:

  • Mobile Welfare Units:
  • These are used on construction sites or other temporary workplaces, and typically include toilets, showers, a changing room, and dining a room.

  • Mobile Offices Units:
  • These units are equipped with office facilities allowing for a fully functional office space that can be moved as needed.

  • Mobile Housing Units:
  • These units are designed to provide temporary housing solutions and come fully equipped with all necessary housing facilities. They are typically used at construction sites.

  • Mobile Sanitation Units:
  • These units consist of toilet trailers and toilet modules containing anywhere from 2 to 16 toilets. We are particularly well known for our vacuum solutions.

  • Customized Units:
  • In addition to standard units, Scanvogn also produces customized trailers..

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“ As the newest division of Satellite Industries, Scanvogn’s customers globally will experience a more local presence. It marks a new and exciting chapter for us at Scanvogn, and gives us the opportunity to expand and strengthen our position and continue our commitment and efforts to meet our customer’ needs and expectations”.

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